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we provide you one of the most steadfast security services, safety solutions, and systems for – residential, corporate, commercial, governmental, and institutional bodies.

  • Gated communities and apartment complexes security.
  • Office security
  • Industry security
  • Temples security
  • Hotel Security
  • V.I.P Security
  • Events - Bouncers Security
  • Time Bound security Services.

Crowd Control

Places of worship such as temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras are subject to heavy influxes of crowds from time to time. Additionally donations in cash and ornaments are also made which attract potentials for unwelcome incidences. Black Tiger security services have innovative methods to control crowds especially during high festive times and respect and serve the pilgrims that speaks to the sanctity of the event and or the sentiment of worship they bring.

Time bound security services:

Generally speaking security is envisaged for long term deployments at the various sites and people mentioned above. However there is a growing demand for security personnel and related services for short term deployment. Black Tiger Security services understands this need and is abundantly equipped to provide security personnel for short periods of time ranging from a few hours to a few days and would be happy to find optimum solutions on cost and efficiency for these deployments on a case to case basis.

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Guest Services and Security

Goa is a hot spot for tourists from India and abroad. People from all walks of life and economic backgrounds come to Goa for a holiday. Unwanted elements find these people as prime targets.
Black Tiger Security services have specialised personnel who are trained to identify these unwanted elements. Our specially trained personnel are ideally suited for hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and other places of social gatherings. Furthermore we have trained staff to use scanning machines and wands (hand held metal detector). We also are very versatile in deploying additional staff on rosters for specialised events at these venues.

Residential Security

A growing number of people have homes in Goa that are left unoccupied for extended periods of time, making these homes soft targets for potential theft. Additionally homes that are occupied also fall prey to the threat of thefts and/or unwanted visitors in the form of sales people, donation mongers, con-men etc. We understand this to be a potential crisis situation given that damage and loss could potentially be far greater than what one is comfortable with. To prevent such scenarios and situations, Black Tiger Security have trained personnel who not only monitor entry and exit points of your homes but also keep out unwanted individuals.

Industry Security

Factories and industrial workshops are subject to theft and pilferage on an ongoing basis which is a detriment to the costing of the products and the profits of the company.We at Black Tiger Security services, at the fraction of the cost of potential theft and pilferage are at a superior position to prevent such loss and dimension. Our security personnel are trained in basic martial art skills subduing with batons and working with technology such as CCTV and Biometric scans.Factories and industries benefit hugely in the deployment of adequate number of security personnel whose vigilance and checking serve as a strong deterrent to would-be troublemakers.

Office Security

Commercial hubs in Goa which have single or multiple offices in building complexes are an open potential for unwanted elements who at the very least are a nuisance and at the most a threat to the establishments and the people working there. Our Security service understands the smooth functioning of these organizations & is equipped to support the ongoing continuity of business by ensuring unwanted elements are filtered out before they enter the building & if required conduct body search & baggage search if the need demands for. In a culture sensitive place like Goa, Black Tiger is mindful of the need of lady staff and hence has a contingent of lady security officers who are trained with equal efficiency of conducting searches without being insensitive to lady personnel working in the said office complex.

V.I.P Security

imageboxes-set1-012Goa is a popular destination and we have been witness to the presence of personalities such as film and TV stars, politicians, musicians, media persons etc. Given the popularity of these people they live in constant fear of being mobbed by fans and or followers who for understandable reasons want to get close to them and sometimes this could prove to be dangerous.
Being in a position to asses such threats in high volatile situations like clubs, theatres, rallies, seminars etc
Black Tiger Security has highly trained plain clothes personnel who specialise in identifying and neutralising threats to are VIP’s .
Given the nature of this need Black Tiger Security can provide bodyguards at short notice for short duration of time.
Goa is a party place and happy people want to be happy without cause and sometimes things may get out of hand.
In such situations the need is for the calming down of the situation and the gentle but immediate removal of the threat or troublemaker.We have been engaged by many events to provide security ranging from sunburn to weddings to private parties and our staff present a strong deterrent to would be troublemakers in their structure and demean . Black Tiger Security has both, lady and gentlemen bouncers who are highly skilled in preventing unwanted elements from entering and or subduing potential troublemakers up to the point of removing them from the premises.