General Questions

Safety is provided when safety is needed and we understand security is required round the clock. Black Tiger Security is adequately staffed to provide security personnel on 8hr, 16hr, 24 hr or 12hr and 24hr shifts based on the need and threat assessment of the client’s premises.

Black Tiger Security guards are trained to identify and prevent criminal activity. However given the intent and nature of the perpetrator, theft and other activities do happen. Our security personnel are trained to support the police personnel in matter of investigation and any other assistance that the law keepers as require.

Black Tiger security as an organization, understands that criminal elements who will always try to cause harm and or damage to property and personnel. Our training helps our personnel to identify and or prevent such from happening. However the devious nature of man is not always understood and hence not all kinds can be stopped. Having said that, we as a company carry insurance for ourselves and are prepared to shoulder responsibility within reason.

As company policy every year guards go through basic training of fire security and are also trained in communicating with the fire marshals and their staff.

Subject to the various options of employment are guards have fundamental education in schools that make them efficient in reading and writing right up to basic entry level computing. The efficiencies being this, the qualifications may range from people coming from different states.

We understand the concern that human beings tend to be ineffective at nights and this is not a luxury to be enjoyed by security personnel. We ongoingly conduct surprise checks at client sites at odd hours during the night and take swift disciplinary action to ensure high levels of efficiency and security in service of our clients.

Black Tiger Security does its very best to ensure we hire personnel of high integrity and to that end thorough background assessments are done of each individual who applies for a job in our company.